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  1. <h2>Platforms</h2>
  2. <ul>
  3. <li><a href="">Node.js</a>&nbsp;- Async non-blocking event-driven JavaScript runtime built on Chrome's V8 JavaScript engine.
  4. <ul>
  5. <li><a href="">Cross-Platform</a>&nbsp;- Writing cross-platform code on Node.js.</li>
  6. </ul>
  7. </li>
  8. <li><a href="">Frontend Development</a></li>
  9. <li><a href="">iOS</a>&nbsp;- Mobile operating system for Apple phones and tablets.</li>
  10. <li><a href="">Android</a>&nbsp;- Mobile operating system developed by Google.</li>
  11. <li><a href="">IoT &amp; Hybrid Apps</a></li>
  12. <li><a href="">Electron</a>&nbsp;- Cross-platform native desktop apps using JavaScript/HTML/CSS.</li>
  13. <li><a href="">Cordova</a>&nbsp;- JavaScript API for hybrid apps.</li>
  14. <li><a href="">React Native</a>&nbsp;- JavaScript framework for writing natively rendering mobile apps for iOS and Android.</li>
  15. <li><a href="">Xamarin</a>&nbsp;- Mobile app development IDE, testing, and distribution.</li>
  16. <li><a href="">Linux</a>
  17. <ul>
  18. <li><a href="">Containers</a></li>
  19. <li><a href="">eBPF</a>&nbsp;- Virtual machine that allows you to write more efficient and powerful tracing and monitoring for Linux systems.</li>
  20. <li><a href="">Arch-based Projects</a>&nbsp;- Linux distributions and projects based on Arch Linux.</li>
  21. </ul>
  22. </li>
  23. <li><a href="">macOS</a>&nbsp;- Operating system for Apple's Mac computers.
  24. <ul>
  25. <li><a href="">Command-Line</a></li>
  26. <li><a href="">Screensavers</a></li>
  27. <li><a href="">Apps</a></li>
  28. <li><a href="">Open Source Apps</a></li>
  29. </ul>
  30. </li>
  31. <li><a href="">watchOS</a>&nbsp;- Operating system for the Apple Watch.</li>
  32. <li><a href="">JVM</a></li>
  33. <li><a href="">Salesforce</a></li>
  34. <li><a href="">Amazon Web Services</a></li>
  35. <li><a href="">Windows</a></li>
  36. <li><a href="">IPFS</a>&nbsp;- P2P hypermedia protocol.</li>
  37. <li><a href="">Fuse</a>&nbsp;- Mobile development tools.</li>
  38. <li><a href="">Heroku</a>&nbsp;- Cloud platform as a service.</li>
  39. <li><a href="">Raspberry Pi</a>&nbsp;- Credit card-sized computer aimed at teaching kids programming, but capable of a lot more.</li>
  40. <li><a href="">Qt</a>&nbsp;- Cross-platform GUI app framework.</li>
  41. <li><a href="">WebExtensions</a>&nbsp;- Cross-browser extension system.</li>
  42. <li><a href="">RubyMotion</a>&nbsp;- Write cross-platform native apps for iOS, Android, macOS, tvOS, and watchOS in Ruby.</li>
  43. <li><a href="">Smart TV</a>&nbsp;- Create apps for different TV platforms.</li>
  44. <li><a href="">GNOME</a>&nbsp;- Simple and distraction-free desktop environment for Linux.</li>
  45. <li><a href="">KDE</a>&nbsp;- A free software community dedicated to creating an open and user-friendly computing experience.</li>
  46. <li><a href="">.NET</a>
  47. <ul>
  48. <li><a href="">Core</a></li>
  49. <li><a href="">Roslyn</a>&nbsp;- Open-source compilers and code analysis APIs for C# and VB.NET languages.</li>
  50. </ul>
  51. </li>
  52. <li><a href="">Amazon Alexa</a>&nbsp;- Virtual home assistant.</li>
  53. <li><a href="">DigitalOcean</a>&nbsp;- Cloud computing platform designed for developers.</li>
  54. <li><a href="">Flutter</a>&nbsp;- Google's mobile SDK for building native iOS and Android apps from a single codebase written in Dart.</li>
  55. <li><a href="">Home Assistant</a>&nbsp;- Open source home automation that puts local control and privacy first.</li>
  56. <li><a href="">IBM Cloud</a>&nbsp;- Cloud platform for developers and companies.</li>
  57. <li><a href="">Firebase</a>&nbsp;- App development platform built on Google Cloud Platform.</li>
  58. <li><a href="">Robot Operating System 2.0</a>&nbsp;- Set of software libraries and tools that help you build robot apps.</li>
  59. <li><a href="">Adafruit IO</a>&nbsp;- Visualize and store data from any device.</li>
  60. <li><a href="">Cloudflare</a>&nbsp;- CDN, DNS, DDoS protection, and security for your site.</li>
  61. <li><a href="">Actions on Google</a>&nbsp;- Developer platform for Google Assistant.</li>
  62. <li><a href="">ESP</a>&nbsp;- Low-cost microcontrollers with WiFi and broad IoT applications.</li>
  63. <li><a href="">Deno</a>&nbsp;- A secure runtime for JavaScript and TypeScript that uses V8 and is built in Rust.</li>
  64. </ul>
  65. <h2><a id="user-content-programming-languages" class="anchor" href="" aria-hidden="true"></a>Programming Languages</h2>
  66. <ul>
  67. <li><a href="">JavaScript</a>
  68. <ul>
  69. <li><a href="">Promises</a></li>
  70. <li><a href="">Standard Style</a>&nbsp;- Style guide and linter.</li>
  71. <li><a href="">Must Watch Talks</a></li>
  72. <li><a href="">Tips</a></li>
  73. <li><a href="">Network Layer</a></li>
  74. <li><a href="">Micro npm Packages</a></li>
  75. <li><a href="">Mad Science npm Packages</a>&nbsp;- Impossible sounding projects that exist.</li>
  76. <li><a href="">Maintenance Modules</a>&nbsp;- For npm packages.</li>
  77. <li><a href="">npm</a>&nbsp;- Package manager.</li>
  78. <li><a href="">AVA</a>&nbsp;- Test runner.</li>
  79. <li><a href="">ESLint</a>&nbsp;- Linter.</li>
  80. <li><a href="">Functional Programming</a></li>
  81. <li><a href="">Observables</a></li>
  82. <li><a href="">npm scripts</a>&nbsp;- Task runner.</li>
  83. <li><a href="">30 Seconds of Code</a>&nbsp;- Code snippets you can understand in 30 seconds.</li>
  84. <li><a href="">Ponyfills</a>&nbsp;- Like polyfills but without overriding native APIs.</li>
  85. </ul>
  86. </li>
  87. <li><a href="">Swift</a>&nbsp;- Apple's compiled programming language that is secure, modern, programmer-friendly, and fast.
  88. <ul>
  89. <li><a href="">Education</a></li>
  90. <li><a href="">Playgrounds</a></li>
  91. </ul>
  92. </li>
  93. <li><a href="">Python</a>&nbsp;- General-purpose programming language designed for readability.
  94. <ul>
  95. <li><a href="">Asyncio</a>&nbsp;- Asynchronous I/O in Python 3.</li>
  96. <li><a href="">Scientific Audio</a>&nbsp;- Scientific research in audio/music.</li>
  97. <li><a href="">CircuitPython</a>&nbsp;- A version of Python for microcontrollers.</li>
  98. <li><a href="">Data Science</a>&nbsp;- Data analysis and machine learning.</li>
  99. <li><a href="">Typing</a>&nbsp;- Optional static typing for Python.</li>
  100. <li><a href="">MicroPython</a>&nbsp;- A lean and efficient implementation of Python 3 for microcontrollers.</li>
  101. </ul>
  102. </li>
  103. <li><a href="">Rust</a></li>
  104. <li><a href="">Haskell</a></li>
  105. <li><a href="">PureScript</a></li>
  106. <li><a href="">Go</a></li>
  107. <li><a href="">Scala</a>
  108. <ul>
  109. <li><a href="">Scala Native</a>&nbsp;- Optimizing ahead-of-time compiler for Scala based on LLVM.</li>
  110. </ul>
  111. </li>
  112. <li><a href="">Ruby</a></li>
  113. <li><a href="">Clojure</a></li>
  114. <li><a href="">ClojureScript</a></li>
  115. <li><a href="">Elixir</a></li>
  116. <li><a href="">Elm</a></li>
  117. <li><a href="">Erlang</a></li>
  118. <li><a href="">Julia</a>&nbsp;- High-level dynamic programming language designed to address the needs of high-performance numerical analysis and computational science.</li>
  119. <li><a href="">Lua</a></li>
  120. <li><a href="">C</a></li>
  121. <li><a href="">C/C++</a>&nbsp;- General-purpose language with a bias toward system programming and embedded, resource-constrained software.</li>
  122. <li><a href="">R</a>&nbsp;- Functional programming language and environment for statistical computing and graphics.
  123. <ul>
  124. <li><a href="">Learning</a></li>
  125. </ul>
  126. </li>
  127. <li><a href="">D</a></li>
  128. <li><a href="">Common Lisp</a>&nbsp;- Powerful dynamic multiparadigm language that facilitates iterative and interactive development.
  129. <ul>
  130. <li><a href="">Learning</a></li>
  131. </ul>
  132. </li>
  133. <li><a href="">Perl</a></li>
  134. <li><a href="">Groovy</a></li>
  135. <li><a href="">Dart</a></li>
  136. <li><a href="">Java</a>&nbsp;- Popular secure object-oriented language designed for flexibility to "write once, run anywhere".
  137. <ul>
  138. <li><a href="">RxJava</a></li>
  139. </ul>
  140. </li>
  141. <li><a href="">Kotlin</a></li>
  142. <li><a href="">OCaml</a></li>
  143. <li><a href="">ColdFusion</a></li>
  144. <li><a href="">Fortran</a></li>
  145. <li><a href="">PHP</a>&nbsp;- Server-side scripting language.
  146. <ul>
  147. <li><a href="">Composer</a>&nbsp;- Package manager.</li>
  148. </ul>
  149. </li>
  150. <li><a href="">Pascal</a></li>
  151. <li><a href="">AutoHotkey</a></li>
  152. <li><a href="">AutoIt</a></li>
  153. <li><a href="">Crystal</a></li>
  154. <li><a href="">Frege</a>&nbsp;- Haskell for the JVM.</li>
  155. <li><a href="">CMake</a>&nbsp;- Build, test, and package software.</li>
  156. <li><a href="">ActionScript 3</a>&nbsp;- Object-oriented language targeting Adobe AIR.</li>
  157. <li><a href="">Eta</a>&nbsp;- Functional programming language for the JVM.</li>
  158. <li><a href="">Idris</a>&nbsp;- General purpose pure functional programming language with dependent types influenced by Haskell and ML.</li>
  159. <li><a href="">Ada/SPARK</a>&nbsp;- Modern programming language designed for large, long-lived apps where reliability and efficiency are essential.</li>
  160. <li><a href="">Q#</a>&nbsp;- Domain-specific programming language used for expressing quantum algorithms.</li>
  161. <li><a href="">Imba</a>&nbsp;- Programming language inspired by Ruby and Python and compiles to performant JavaScript.</li>
  162. <li><a href="">Vala</a>&nbsp;- Programming language designed to take full advantage of the GLib and GNOME ecosystems, while preserving the speed of C code.</li>
  163. <li><a href="">Coq</a>&nbsp;- Formal language and environment for programming and specification which facilitates interactive development of machine-checked proofs.</li>
  164. <li><a href="">V</a>&nbsp;- Simple, fast, safe, compiled language for developing maintainable software.</li>
  165. </ul>
  166. <h2><a id="user-content-front-end-development" class="anchor" href="" aria-hidden="true"></a>Front-End Development</h2>
  167. <ul>
  168. <li><a href="">ES6 Tools</a></li>
  169. <li><a href="">Web Performance Optimization</a></li>
  170. <li><a href="">Web Tools</a></li>
  171. <li><a href="">CSS</a>&nbsp;- Style sheet language that specifies how HTML elements are displayed on screen.
  172. <ul>
  173. <li><a href="">Critical-Path Tools</a></li>
  174. <li><a href="">Scalability</a></li>
  175. <li><a href="">Must-Watch Talks</a></li>
  176. <li><a href="">Protips</a></li>
  177. <li><a href="">Frameworks</a></li>
  178. </ul>
  179. </li>
  180. <li><a href="">React</a>&nbsp;- App framework.
  181. <ul>
  182. <li><a href="">Relay</a>&nbsp;- Framework for building data-driven React apps.</li>
  183. <li><a href="">React Hooks</a>&nbsp;- A new feature that lets you use state and other React features without writing a class.</li>
  184. </ul>
  185. </li>
  186. <li><a href="">Web Components</a></li>
  187. <li><a href="">Polymer</a>&nbsp;- JavaScript library to develop Web Components.</li>
  188. <li><a href="">Angular</a>&nbsp;- App framework.</li>
  189. <li><a href="">Backbone</a>&nbsp;- App framework.</li>
  190. <li><a href="">HTML5</a>&nbsp;- Markup language used for websites &amp; web apps.</li>
  191. <li><a href="">SVG</a>&nbsp;- XML-based vector image format.</li>
  192. <li><a href="">Canvas</a></li>
  193. <li><a href="">KnockoutJS</a>&nbsp;- JavaScript library.</li>
  194. <li><a href="">Dojo Toolkit</a>&nbsp;- JavaScript toolkit.</li>
  195. <li><a href="">Inspiration</a></li>
  196. <li><a href="">Ember</a>&nbsp;- App framework.</li>
  197. <li><a href="">Android UI</a></li>
  198. <li><a href="">iOS UI</a></li>
  199. <li><a href="">Meteor</a></li>
  200. <li><a href="">BEM</a></li>
  201. <li><a href="">Flexbox</a></li>
  202. <li><a href="">Web Typography</a></li>
  203. <li><a href="">Web Accessibility</a></li>
  204. <li><a href="">Material Design</a></li>
  205. <li><a href="">D3</a>&nbsp;- Library for producing dynamic, interactive data visualizations.</li>
  206. <li><a href="">Emails</a></li>
  207. <li><a href="">jQuery</a>&nbsp;- Easy to use JavaScript library for DOM manipulation.
  208. <ul>
  209. <li><a href="">Tips</a></li>
  210. </ul>
  211. </li>
  212. <li><a href="">Web Audio</a></li>
  213. <li><a href="">Offline-First</a></li>
  214. <li><a href="">Static Website Services</a></li>
  215. <li><a href="">Cycle.js</a>&nbsp;- Functional and reactive JavaScript framework.</li>
  216. <li><a href="">Text Editing</a></li>
  217. <li><a href="">Motion UI Design</a></li>
  218. <li><a href="">Vue.js</a>&nbsp;- App framework.</li>
  219. <li><a href="">Marionette.js</a>&nbsp;- App framework.</li>
  220. <li><a href="">Aurelia</a>&nbsp;- App framework.</li>
  221. <li><a href="">Charting</a></li>
  222. <li><a href="">Ionic Framework 2</a></li>
  223. <li><a href="">Chrome DevTools</a></li>
  224. <li><a href="">PostCSS</a>&nbsp;- CSS tool.</li>
  225. <li><a href="">Draft.js</a>&nbsp;- Rich text editor framework for React.</li>
  226. <li><a href="">Service Workers</a></li>
  227. <li><a href="">Progressive Web Apps</a></li>
  228. <li><a href="">choo</a>&nbsp;- App framework.</li>
  229. <li><a href="">Redux</a>&nbsp;- State container for JavaScript apps.</li>
  230. <li><a href="">webpack</a>&nbsp;- Module bundler.</li>
  231. <li><a href="">Browserify</a>&nbsp;- Module bundler.</li>
  232. <li><a href="">Sass</a>&nbsp;- CSS preprocessor.</li>
  233. <li><a href="">Ant Design</a>&nbsp;- Enterprise-class UI design language.</li>
  234. <li><a href="">Less</a>&nbsp;- CSS preprocessor.</li>
  235. <li><a href="">WebGL</a>&nbsp;- JavaScript API for rendering 3D graphics.</li>
  236. <li><a href="">Preact</a>&nbsp;- App framework.</li>
  237. <li><a href="">Progressive Enhancement</a></li>
  238. <li><a href="">Next.js</a>&nbsp;- Framework for server-rendered React apps.</li>
  239. <li><a href="">Hyperapp</a>&nbsp;- Tiny JavaScript library for building web apps.</li>
  240. <li><a href="">lit-html</a>&nbsp;- HTML templating library for JavaScript.</li>
  241. <li><a href="">JAMstack</a>&nbsp;- Modern web development architecture based on client-side JavaScript, reusable APIs, and prebuilt markup.</li>
  242. <li><a href="">WordPress-Gatsby</a>&nbsp;- Web development technology stack with WordPress as a back end and Gatsby as a front end.</li>
  243. <li><a href="">Mobile Web Development</a>&nbsp;- Creating a great mobile web experience.</li>
  244. <li><a href="">Storybook</a>&nbsp;- Development environment for UI components.</li>
  245. <li><a href="">Blazor</a>&nbsp;- .NET web framework using C#/Razor and HTML that runs in the browser with WebAssembly.</li>
  246. <li><a href="">PageSpeed Metrics</a>&nbsp;- Metrics to help understand page speed and user experience.</li>
  247. <li><a href="">Tailwind CSS</a>&nbsp;- Utility-first CSS framework for rapid UI development.</li>
  248. <li><a href="">Seed</a>&nbsp;- Rust framework for creating web apps running in WebAssembly.</li>
  249. <li><a href="">Web Performance Budget</a>&nbsp;- Techniques to ensure certain performance metrics for a website.</li>
  250. <li><a href="">Web Animation</a>&nbsp;- Animations in the browser with JavaScript, CSS, SVG, etc.</li>
  251. <li><a href="">Yew</a>&nbsp;- Rust framework inspired by Elm and React for creating multi-threaded frontend web apps with WebAssembly.</li>
  252. <li><a href="">Material-UI</a>&nbsp;- Material Design React components for faster and easier web development.</li>
  253. <li><a href="">Building Blocks for Web Apps</a>&nbsp;- Standalone features to be integrated into web apps.</li>
  254. </ul>
  255. <h2><a id="user-content-back-end-development" class="anchor" href="" aria-hidden="true"></a>Back-End Development</h2>
  256. <ul>
  257. <li><a href="">Flask</a>&nbsp;- Python framework.</li>
  258. <li><a href="">Docker</a></li>
  259. <li><a href="">Vagrant</a>&nbsp;- Automation virtual machine environment.</li>
  260. <li><a href="">Pyramid</a>&nbsp;- Python framework.</li>
  261. <li><a href="">Play1 Framework</a></li>
  262. <li><a href="">CakePHP</a>&nbsp;- PHP framework.</li>
  263. <li><a href="">Symfony</a>&nbsp;- PHP framework.
  264. <ul>
  265. <li><a href="">Education</a></li>
  266. </ul>
  267. </li>
  268. <li><a href="">Laravel</a>&nbsp;- PHP framework.
  269. <ul>
  270. <li><a href="">Education</a></li>
  271. <li><a href="">TALL Stack</a>&nbsp;- Full-stack development solution featuring libraries built by the Laravel community.</li>
  272. </ul>
  273. </li>
  274. <li><a href="">Rails</a>&nbsp;- Web app framework for Ruby.
  275. <ul>
  276. <li><a href="">Gems</a>&nbsp;- Packages.</li>
  277. </ul>
  278. </li>
  279. <li><a href="">Phalcon</a>&nbsp;- PHP framework.</li>
  280. <li><a href="">Useful&nbsp;<code>.htaccess</code>&nbsp;Snippets</a></li>
  281. <li><a href="">nginx</a>&nbsp;- Web server.</li>
  282. <li><a href="">Dropwizard</a>&nbsp;- Java framework.</li>
  283. <li><a href="">Kubernetes</a>&nbsp;- Open-source platform that automates Linux container operations.</li>
  284. <li><a href="">Lumen</a>&nbsp;- PHP micro-framework.</li>
  285. <li><a href="">Serverless Framework</a>&nbsp;- Serverless computing and serverless architectures.</li>
  286. <li><a href="">Apache Wicket</a>&nbsp;- Java web app framework.</li>
  287. <li><a href="">Vert.x</a>&nbsp;- Toolkit for building reactive apps on the JVM.</li>
  288. <li><a href="">Terraform</a>&nbsp;- Tool for building, changing, and versioning infrastructure.</li>
  289. <li><a href="">Vapor</a>&nbsp;- Server-side development in Swift.</li>
  290. <li><a href="">Dash</a>&nbsp;- Python web app framework.</li>
  291. <li><a href="">FastAPI</a>&nbsp;- Python web app framework.</li>
  292. </ul>
  293. <h2><a id="user-content-computer-science" class="anchor" href="" aria-hidden="true"></a>Computer Science</h2>
  294. <ul>
  295. <li><a href="">University Courses</a></li>
  296. <li><a href="">Data Science</a>
  297. <ul>
  298. <li><a href="">Tutorials</a></li>
  299. </ul>
  300. </li>
  301. <li><a href="">Machine Learning</a>
  302. <ul>
  303. <li><a href="">Tutorials</a></li>
  304. <li><a href="">ML with Ruby</a>&nbsp;- Learning, implementing, and applying Machine Learning using Ruby.</li>
  305. <li><a href="">Core ML Models</a>&nbsp;- Models for Apple's machine learning framework.</li>
  306. <li><a href="">H2O</a>&nbsp;- Open source distributed machine learning platform written in Java with APIs in R, Python, and Scala.</li>
  307. <li><a href="">Software Engineering for Machine Learning</a>&nbsp;- From experiment to production-level machine learning.</li>
  308. <li><a href="">AI in Finance</a>&nbsp;- Solving problems in finance with machine learning.</li>
  309. </ul>
  310. </li>
  311. <li><a href="">Speech and Natural Language Processing</a>
  312. <ul>
  313. <li><a href="">Spanish</a></li>
  314. <li><a href="">NLP with Ruby</a></li>
  315. <li><a href="">Question Answering</a>&nbsp;- The science of asking and answering in natural language with a machine.</li>
  316. <li><a href="">Natural Language Generation</a>&nbsp;- Generation of text used in data to text, conversational agents, and narrative generation applications.</li>
  317. </ul>
  318. </li>
  319. <li><a href="">Linguistics</a></li>
  320. <li><a href="">Cryptography</a>
  321. <ul>
  322. <li><a href="">Papers</a>&nbsp;- Theory basics for using cryptography by non-cryptographers.</li>
  323. </ul>
  324. </li>
  325. <li><a href="">Computer Vision</a></li>
  326. <li><a href="">Deep Learning</a>&nbsp;- Neural networks.
  327. <ul>
  328. <li><a href="">TensorFlow</a>&nbsp;- Library for machine intelligence.</li>
  329. <li><a href="">TensorFlow.js</a>&nbsp;- WebGL-accelerated machine learning JavaScript library for training and deploying models.</li>
  330. <li><a href="">TensorFlow Lite</a>&nbsp;- Framework that optimizes TensorFlow models for on-device machine learning.</li>
  331. <li><a href="">Papers</a>&nbsp;- The most cited deep learning papers.</li>
  332. <li><a href="">Education</a></li>
  333. </ul>
  334. </li>
  335. <li><a href="">Deep Vision</a></li>
  336. <li><a href="">Open Source Society University</a></li>
  337. <li><a href="">Functional Programming</a></li>
  338. <li><a href="">Empirical Software Engineering</a>&nbsp;- Evidence-based research on software systems.</li>
  339. <li><a href="">Static Analysis &amp; Code Quality</a></li>
  340. <li><a href="">Information Retrieval</a>&nbsp;- Learn to develop your own search engine.</li>
  341. <li><a href="">Quantum Computing</a>&nbsp;- Computing which utilizes quantum mechanics and qubits on quantum computers.</li>
  342. </ul>
  343. <h2><a id="user-content-big-data" class="anchor" href="" aria-hidden="true"></a>Big Data</h2>
  344. <ul>
  345. <li><a href="">Big Data</a></li>
  346. <li><a href="">Public Datasets</a></li>
  347. <li><a href="">Hadoop</a>&nbsp;- Framework for distributed storage and processing of very large data sets.</li>
  348. <li><a href="">Data Engineering</a></li>
  349. <li><a href="">Streaming</a></li>
  350. <li><a href="">Apache Spark</a>&nbsp;- Unified engine for large-scale data processing.</li>
  351. <li><a href="">Qlik</a>&nbsp;- Business intelligence platform for data visualization, analytics, and reporting apps.</li>
  352. <li><a href="">Splunk</a>&nbsp;- Platform for searching, monitoring, and analyzing structured and unstructured machine-generated big data in real-time.</li>
  353. </ul>
  354. <h2><a id="user-content-theory" class="anchor" href="" aria-hidden="true"></a>Theory</h2>
  355. <ul>
  356. <li><a href="">Papers We Love</a></li>
  357. <li><a href="">Talks</a></li>
  358. <li><a href="">Algorithms</a>
  359. <ul>
  360. <li><a href="">Education</a>&nbsp;- Learning and practicing.</li>
  361. </ul>
  362. </li>
  363. <li><a href="">Algorithm Visualizations</a></li>
  364. <li><a href="">Artificial Intelligence</a></li>
  365. <li><a href="">Search Engine Optimization</a></li>
  366. <li><a href="">Competitive Programming</a></li>
  367. <li><a href="">Math</a></li>
  368. <li><a href="">Recursion Schemes</a>&nbsp;- Traversing nested data structures.</li>
  369. </ul>
  370. <h2><a id="user-content-books" class="anchor" href="" aria-hidden="true"></a>Books</h2>
  371. <ul>
  372. <li><a href="">Free Programming Books</a></li>
  373. <li><a href="">Free Software Testing Books</a></li>
  374. <li><a href="">Go Books</a></li>
  375. <li><a href="">R Books</a></li>
  376. <li><a href="">Mind Expanding Books</a></li>
  377. <li><a href="">Book Authoring</a></li>
  378. <li><a href="">Elixir Books</a></li>
  379. </ul>
  380. <h2><a id="user-content-editors" class="anchor" href="" aria-hidden="true"></a>Editors</h2>
  381. <ul>
  382. <li><a href="">Sublime Text</a></li>
  383. <li><a href="">Vim</a></li>
  384. <li><a href="">Emacs</a></li>
  385. <li><a href="">Atom</a>&nbsp;- Open-source and hackable text editor.</li>
  386. <li><a href="">Visual Studio Code</a>&nbsp;- Cross-platform open-source text editor.</li>
  387. </ul>
  388. <h2><a id="user-content-gaming" class="anchor" href="" aria-hidden="true"></a>Gaming</h2>
  389. <ul>
  390. <li><a href="">Game Development</a></li>
  391. <li><a href="">Game Talks</a></li>
  392. <li><a href="">Godot</a>&nbsp;- Game engine.</li>
  393. <li><a href="">Open Source Games</a></li>
  394. <li><a href="">Unity</a>&nbsp;- Game engine.</li>
  395. <li><a href="">Chess</a></li>
  396. <li><a href="">L&Ouml;VE</a>&nbsp;- Game engine.</li>
  397. <li><a href="">PICO-8</a>&nbsp;- Fantasy console.</li>
  398. <li><a href="">Game Boy Development</a></li>
  399. <li><a href="">Construct 2</a>&nbsp;- Game engine.</li>
  400. <li><a href="">Gideros</a>&nbsp;- Game engine.</li>
  401. <li><a href="">Minecraft</a>&nbsp;- Sandbox video game.</li>
  402. <li><a href="">Game Datasets</a>&nbsp;- Materials and datasets for Artificial Intelligence in games.</li>
  403. <li><a href="">Haxe Game Development</a>&nbsp;- A high-level strongly typed programming language used to produce cross-platform native code.</li>
  404. <li><a href="">libGDX</a>&nbsp;- Java game framework.</li>
  405. <li><a href="">PlayCanvas</a>&nbsp;- Game engine.</li>
  406. <li><a href="">Game Remakes</a>&nbsp;- Actively maintained open-source game remakes.</li>
  407. <li><a href="">Flame</a>&nbsp;- Game engine for Flutter.</li>
  408. <li><a href="">Discord Communities</a>&nbsp;- Chat with friends and communities.</li>
  409. <li><a href="">CHIP-8</a>&nbsp;- Virtual computer game machine from the 70s.</li>
  410. </ul>
  411. <h2><a id="user-content-development-environment" class="anchor" href="" aria-hidden="true"></a>Development Environment</h2>
  412. <ul>
  413. <li><a href="">Quick Look Plugins</a>&nbsp;- For macOS.</li>
  414. <li><a href="">Dev Env</a></li>
  415. <li><a href="">Dotfiles</a></li>
  416. <li><a href="">Shell</a></li>
  417. <li><a href="">Fish</a>&nbsp;- User-friendly shell.</li>
  418. <li><a href="">Command-Line Apps</a></li>
  419. <li><a href="">ZSH Plugins</a></li>
  420. <li><a href="">GitHub</a>&nbsp;- Hosting service for Git repositories.
  421. <ul>
  422. <li><a href="">Browser Extensions</a></li>
  423. <li><a href="">Cheat Sheet</a></li>
  424. <li><a href="">Pinned Gists</a>&nbsp;- Dynamic pinned gists for your GitHub profile.</li>
  425. </ul>
  426. </li>
  427. <li><a href="">Git Cheat Sheet &amp; Git Flow</a></li>
  428. <li><a href="">Git Tips</a></li>
  429. <li><a href="">Git Add-ons</a>&nbsp;- Enhance the&nbsp;<code>git</code>&nbsp;CLI.</li>
  430. <li><a href="">Git Hooks</a>&nbsp;- Scripts for automating tasks during&nbsp;<code>git</code>&nbsp;workflows.</li>
  431. <li><a href="">SSH</a></li>
  432. <li><a href="">FOSS for Developers</a></li>
  433. <li><a href="">Hyper</a>&nbsp;- Cross-platform terminal app built on web technologies.</li>
  434. <li><a href="">PowerShell</a>&nbsp;- Cross-platform object-oriented shell.</li>
  435. <li><a href="">Alfred Workflows</a>&nbsp;- Productivity app for macOS.</li>
  436. <li><a href="">Terminals Are Sexy</a></li>
  437. <li><a href="">GitHub Actions</a>&nbsp;- Create tasks to automate your workflow and share them with others on GitHub.</li>
  438. </ul>
  439. <h2><a id="user-content-entertainment" class="anchor" href="" aria-hidden="true"></a>Entertainment</h2>
  440. <ul>
  441. <li><a href="">Science Fiction</a>&nbsp;- Scifi.</li>
  442. <li><a href="">Fantasy</a></li>
  443. <li><a href="">Podcasts</a></li>
  444. <li><a href="">Email Newsletters</a></li>
  445. <li><a href="">IT Quotes</a></li>
  446. </ul>
  447. <h2><a id="user-content-databases" class="anchor" href="" aria-hidden="true"></a>Databases</h2>
  448. <ul>
  449. <li><a href="">Database</a></li>
  450. <li><a href="">MySQL</a></li>
  451. <li><a href="">SQLAlchemy</a></li>
  452. <li><a href="">InfluxDB</a></li>
  453. <li><a href="">Neo4j</a></li>
  454. <li><a href="">MongoDB</a>&nbsp;- NoSQL database.</li>
  455. <li><a href="">RethinkDB</a></li>
  456. <li><a href="">TinkerPop</a>&nbsp;- Graph computing framework.</li>
  457. <li><a href="">PostgreSQL</a>&nbsp;- Object-relational database.</li>
  458. <li><a href="">CouchDB</a>&nbsp;- Document-oriented NoSQL database.</li>
  459. <li><a href="">HBase</a>&nbsp;- Distributed, scalable, big data store.</li>
  460. <li><a href="">NoSQL Guides</a>&nbsp;- Help on using non-relational, distributed, open-source, and horizontally scalable databases.</li>
  461. <li><a href="">Contexture</a>&nbsp;- Abstracts queries/filters and results/aggregations from different backing data stores like ElasticSearch and MongoDB.</li>
  462. <li><a href="">Database Tools</a>&nbsp;- Everything that makes working with databases easier.</li>
  463. </ul>
  464. <h2><a id="user-content-media" class="anchor" href="" aria-hidden="true"></a>Media</h2>
  465. <ul>
  466. <li><a href="">Creative Commons Media</a></li>
  467. <li><a href="">Fonts</a></li>
  468. <li><a href="">Codeface</a>&nbsp;- Text editor fonts.</li>
  469. <li><a href="">Stock Resources</a></li>
  470. <li><a href="">GIF</a>&nbsp;- Image format known for animated images.</li>
  471. <li><a href="">Music</a></li>
  472. <li><a href="">Open Source Documents</a></li>
  473. <li><a href="">Audio Visualization</a></li>
  474. <li><a href="">Broadcasting</a></li>
  475. <li><a href="">Pixel Art</a>&nbsp;- Pixel-level digital art.</li>
  476. <li><a href="">FFmpeg</a>&nbsp;- Cross-platform solution to record, convert and stream audio and video.</li>
  477. <li><a href="">Icons</a>&nbsp;- Downloadable SVG/PNG/font icon projects.</li>
  478. <li><a href="">Audiovisual</a>&nbsp;- Lighting, audio and video in professional environments.</li>
  479. </ul>
  480. <h2><a id="user-content-learn" class="anchor" href="" aria-hidden="true"></a>Learn</h2>
  481. <ul>
  482. <li><a href="">CLI Workshoppers</a>&nbsp;- Interactive tutorials.</li>
  483. <li><a href="">Learn to Program</a></li>
  484. <li><a href="">Speaking</a></li>
  485. <li><a href="">Tech Videos</a></li>
  486. <li><a href="">Dive into Machine Learning</a></li>
  487. <li><a href="">Computer History</a></li>
  488. <li><a href="">Programming for Kids</a></li>
  489. <li><a href="">Educational Games</a>&nbsp;- Learn while playing.</li>
  490. <li><a href="">JavaScript Learning</a></li>
  491. <li><a href="">CSS Learning</a>&nbsp;- Mainly about CSS &ndash; the language and the modules.</li>
  492. <li><a href="">Product Management</a>&nbsp;- Learn how to be a better product manager.</li>
  493. <li><a href="">Roadmaps</a>&nbsp;- Gives you a clear route to improve your knowledge and skills.</li>
  494. </ul>
  495. <h2><a id="user-content-security" class="anchor" href="" aria-hidden="true"></a>Security</h2>
  496. <ul>
  497. <li><a href="">Application Security</a></li>
  498. <li><a href="">Security</a></li>
  499. <li><a href="">CTF</a>&nbsp;- Capture The Flag.</li>
  500. <li><a href="">Malware Analysis</a></li>
  501. <li><a href="">Android Security</a></li>
  502. <li><a href="">Hacking</a></li>
  503. <li><a href="">Honeypots</a>&nbsp;- Deception trap, designed to entice an attacker into attempting to compromise the information systems in an organization.</li>
  504. <li><a href="">Incident Response</a></li>
  505. <li><a href="">Vehicle Security and Car Hacking</a></li>
  506. <li><a href="">Web Security</a>&nbsp;- Security of web apps &amp; services.</li>
  507. <li><a href="">Lockpicking</a>&nbsp;- The art of unlocking a lock by manipulating its components without the key.</li>
  508. <li><a href="">Cybersecurity Blue Team</a>&nbsp;- Groups of individuals who identify security flaws in information technology systems.</li>
  509. <li><a href="">Fuzzing</a>&nbsp;- Automated software testing technique that involves feeding pseudo-randomly generated input data.</li>
  510. <li><a href="">Embedded and IoT Security</a></li>
  511. <li><a href="">GDPR</a>&nbsp;- Regulation on data protection and privacy for all individuals within EU.</li>
  512. <li><a href="">DevSecOps</a>&nbsp;- Integration of security practices into&nbsp;<a href="" rel="nofollow">DevOps</a>.</li>
  513. </ul>
  514. <h2><a id="user-content-content-management-systems" class="anchor" href="" aria-hidden="true"></a>Content Management Systems</h2>
  515. <ul>
  516. <li><a href="">Umbraco</a></li>
  517. <li><a href="">Refinery CMS</a>&nbsp;- Ruby on Rails CMS.</li>
  518. <li><a href="">Wagtail</a>&nbsp;- Django CMS focused on flexibility and user experience.</li>
  519. <li><a href="">Textpattern</a>&nbsp;- Lightweight PHP-based CMS.</li>
  520. <li><a href="">Drupal</a>&nbsp;- Extensible PHP-based CMS.</li>
  521. <li><a href="">Craft CMS</a>&nbsp;- Content-first CMS.</li>
  522. <li><a href="">Sitecore</a>&nbsp;- .NET digital marketing platform that combines CMS with tools for managing multiple websites.</li>
  523. </ul>
  524. <h2><a id="user-content-hardware" class="anchor" href="" aria-hidden="true"></a>Hardware</h2>
  525. <ul>
  526. <li><a href="">Robotics</a></li>
  527. <li><a href="">Internet of Things</a></li>
  528. <li><a href="">Electronics</a>&nbsp;- For electronic engineers and hobbyists.</li>
  529. <li><a href="">Bluetooth Beacons</a></li>
  530. <li><a href="">Electric Guitar Specifications</a>&nbsp;- Checklist for building your own electric guitar.</li>
  531. <li><a href="">Plotters</a>&nbsp;- Computer-controlled drawing machines and other visual art robots.</li>
  532. </ul>
  533. <h2><a id="user-content-business" class="anchor" href="" aria-hidden="true"></a>Business</h2>
  534. <ul>
  535. <li><a href="">Open Companies</a></li>
  536. <li><a href="">Places to Post Your Startup</a></li>
  537. <li><a href="">OKR Methodology</a>&nbsp;- Goal setting &amp; communication best practices.</li>
  538. <li><a href="">Leading and Managing</a>&nbsp;- Leading people and being a manager in a technology company/environment.</li>
  539. <li><a href="">Indie</a>&nbsp;- Independent developer businesses.</li>
  540. <li><a href="">Tools of the Trade</a>&nbsp;- Tools used by companies on Hacker News.</li>
  541. <li><a href="">Clean Tech</a>&nbsp;- Fighting climate change with technology.</li>
  542. <li><a href="">Wardley Maps</a>&nbsp;- Provides high situational awareness to help improve strategic planning and decision making.</li>
  543. <li><a href="">Social Enterprise</a>&nbsp;- Building an organization primarily focused on social impact that is at least partially self-funded.</li>
  544. <li><a href="">Engineering Team Management</a>&nbsp;- How to transition from software development to engineering management.</li>
  545. </ul>
  546. <h2><a id="user-content-work" class="anchor" href="" aria-hidden="true"></a>Work</h2>
  547. <ul>
  548. <li><a href="">Slack</a>&nbsp;- Team collaboration.
  549. <ul>
  550. <li><a href="">Communities</a></li>
  551. </ul>
  552. </li>
  553. <li><a href="">Remote Jobs</a></li>
  554. <li><a href="">Productivity</a></li>
  555. <li><a href="">Niche Job Boards</a></li>
  556. <li><a href="">Programming Interviews</a></li>
  557. <li><a href="">Code Review</a>&nbsp;- Reviewing code.</li>
  558. </ul>
  559. <h2><a id="user-content-networking" class="anchor" href="" aria-hidden="true"></a>Networking</h2>
  560. <ul>
  561. <li><a href="">Software-Defined Networking</a></li>
  562. <li><a href="">Network Analysis</a></li>
  563. <li><a href="">PCAPTools</a></li>
  564. <li><a href="">Real-Time Communications</a>&nbsp;- Network protocols for near simultaneous exchange of media and data.</li>
  565. </ul>
  566. <h2><a id="user-content-decentralized-systems" class="anchor" href="" aria-hidden="true"></a>Decentralized Systems</h2>
  567. <ul>
  568. <li><a href="">Bitcoin</a>&nbsp;- Bitcoin services and tools for software developers.</li>
  569. <li><a href="">Ripple</a>&nbsp;- Open source distributed settlement network.</li>
  570. <li><a href="">Non-Financial Blockchain</a>&nbsp;- Non-financial blockchain applications.</li>
  571. <li><a href="">Mastodon</a>&nbsp;- Open source decentralized microblogging network.</li>
  572. <li><a href="">Ethereum</a>&nbsp;- Distributed computing platform for smart contract development.</li>
  573. <li><a href="">Blockchain AI</a>&nbsp;- Blockchain projects for artificial intelligence and machine learning.</li>
  574. <li><a href="">EOSIO</a>&nbsp;- A decentralized operating system supporting industrial-scale apps.</li>
  575. <li><a href="">Corda</a>&nbsp;- Open source blockchain platform designed for business.</li>
  576. <li><a href="">Waves</a>&nbsp;- Open source blockchain platform and development toolset for Web 3.0 apps and decentralized solutions.</li>
  577. <li><a href="">Substrate</a>&nbsp;- Framework for writing scalable, upgradeable blockchains in Rust.</li>
  578. </ul>
  579. <h2><a id="user-content-higher-education" class="anchor" href="" aria-hidden="true"></a>Higher Education</h2>
  580. <ul>
  581. <li><a href="">Computational Neuroscience</a>&nbsp;- A multidisciplinary science which uses computational approaches to study the nervous system.</li>
  582. <li><a href="">Digital History</a>&nbsp;- Computer-aided scientific investigation of history.</li>
  583. <li><a href="">Scientific Writing</a>&nbsp;- Distraction-free scientific writing with Markdown, reStructuredText and Jupyter notebooks.</li>
  584. <li><a href="">Sustainable Technology</a>&nbsp;- Open technology sustaining stable climate, energy supply, and vital natural resources.</li>
  585. </ul>
  586. <h2><a id="user-content-events" class="anchor" href="" aria-hidden="true"></a>Events</h2>
  587. <ul>
  588. <li><a href="">Creative Tech Events</a>&nbsp;- Events around the globe for creative coding, tech, design, music, arts and cool stuff.</li>
  589. <li><a href="">Events in Italy</a>&nbsp;- Tech-related events in Italy.</li>
  590. <li><a href="">Events in the Netherlands</a>&nbsp;- Tech-related events in the Netherlands.</li>
  591. </ul>
  592. <h2><a id="user-content-testing" class="anchor" href="" aria-hidden="true"></a>Testing</h2>
  593. <ul>
  594. <li><a href="">Testing</a>&nbsp;- Software testing.</li>
  595. <li><a href="">Visual Regression Testing</a>&nbsp;- Ensures changes did not break the functionality or style.</li>
  596. <li><a href="">Selenium</a>&nbsp;- Open-source browser automation framework and ecosystem.</li>
  597. <li><a href="">Appium</a>&nbsp;- Test automation tool for apps.</li>
  598. <li><a href="">TAP</a>&nbsp;- Test Anything Protocol.</li>
  599. <li><a href="">JMeter</a>&nbsp;- Load testing and performance measurement tool.</li>
  600. <li><a href="">k6</a>&nbsp;- Open-source, developer-centric performance monitoring and load testing solution.</li>
  601. <li><a href="">Playwright</a>&nbsp;- Node.js library to automate Chromium, Firefox and WebKit with a single API.</li>
  602. </ul>
  603. <h2><a id="user-content-miscellaneous" class="anchor" href="" aria-hidden="true"></a>Miscellaneous</h2>
  604. <ul>
  605. <li><a href="">JSON</a>&nbsp;- Text based data interchange format.
  606. <ul>
  607. <li><a href="">GeoJSON</a></li>
  608. <li><a href="">Datasets</a></li>
  609. </ul>
  610. </li>
  611. <li><a href="">CSV</a>&nbsp;- A text file format that stores tabular data and uses a comma to separate values.</li>
  612. <li><a href="">Discounts for Student Developers</a></li>
  613. <li><a href="">Radio</a></li>
  614. <li><a href="">Awesome</a>&nbsp;- Recursion illustrated.</li>
  615. <li><a href="">Analytics</a></li>
  616. <li><a href="">REST</a></li>
  617. <li><a href="">Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery</a></li>
  618. <li><a href="">Services Engineering</a></li>
  619. <li><a href="">Free for Developers</a></li>
  620. <li><a href="">Answers</a>&nbsp;- Stack Overflow, Quora, etc.</li>
  621. <li><a href="">Sketch</a>&nbsp;- Design app for macOS.</li>
  622. <li><a href="">Boilerplate Projects</a></li>
  623. <li><a href="">Readme</a></li>
  624. <li><a href="">Design and Development Guides</a></li>
  625. <li><a href="">Software Engineering Blogs</a></li>
  626. <li><a href="">Self Hosted</a></li>
  627. <li><a href="">FOSS Production Apps</a></li>
  628. <li><a href="">Gulp</a>&nbsp;- Task runner.</li>
  629. <li><a href="">AMA</a>&nbsp;- Ask Me Anything.
  630. <ul>
  631. <li><a href="">Answers</a></li>
  632. </ul>
  633. </li>
  634. <li><a href="">Open Source Photography</a></li>
  635. <li><a href="">OpenGL</a>&nbsp;- Cross-platform API for rendering 2D and 3D graphics.</li>
  636. <li><a href="">GraphQL</a></li>
  637. <li><a href="">Transit</a></li>
  638. <li><a href="">Research Tools</a></li>
  639. <li><a href="">Data Visualization</a></li>
  640. <li><a href="">Social Media Share Links</a></li>
  641. <li><a href="">Microservices</a></li>
  642. <li><a href="">Unicode</a>&nbsp;- Unicode standards, quirks, packages and resources.
  643. <ul>
  644. <li><a href="">Code Points</a></li>
  645. </ul>
  646. </li>
  647. <li><a href="">Beginner-Friendly Projects</a></li>
  648. <li><a href="">Katas</a></li>
  649. <li><a href="">Tools for Activism</a></li>
  650. <li><a href="">Citizen Science</a>&nbsp;- For community-based and non-institutional scientists.</li>
  651. <li><a href="">MQTT</a>&nbsp;- "Internet of Things" connectivity protocol.</li>
  652. <li><a href="">Hacking Spots</a></li>
  653. <li><a href="">For Girls</a></li>
  654. <li><a href="">Vorpal</a>&nbsp;- Node.js CLI framework.</li>
  655. <li><a href="">Vulkan</a>&nbsp;- Low-overhead, cross-platform 3D graphics and compute API.</li>
  656. <li><a href="">LaTeX</a>&nbsp;- Typesetting language.</li>
  657. <li><a href="">Economics</a>&nbsp;- An economist's starter kit.</li>
  658. <li><a href="">Funny Markov Chains</a></li>
  659. <li><a href="">Bioinformatics</a></li>
  660. <li><a href="">Cheminformatics</a>&nbsp;- Informatics techniques applied to problems in chemistry.</li>
  661. <li><a href="">Colorful</a>&nbsp;- Choose your next color scheme.</li>
  662. <li><a href="">Steam</a>&nbsp;- Digital distribution platform.</li>
  663. <li><a href="">Bots</a>&nbsp;- Building bots.</li>
  664. <li><a href="">Site Reliability Engineering</a></li>
  665. <li><a href="">Empathy in Engineering</a>&nbsp;- Building and promoting more compassionate engineering cultures.</li>
  666. <li><a href="">DTrace</a>&nbsp;- Dynamic tracing framework.</li>
  667. <li><a href="">Userscripts</a>&nbsp;- Enhance your browsing experience.</li>
  668. <li><a href="">Pok&eacute;mon</a>&nbsp;- Pok&eacute;mon and Pok&eacute;mon GO.</li>
  669. <li><a href="">ChatOps</a>&nbsp;- Managing technical and business operations through a chat.</li>
  670. <li><a href="">Falsehood</a>&nbsp;- Falsehoods programmers believe in.</li>
  671. <li><a href="">Domain-Driven Design</a>&nbsp;- Software development approach for complex needs by connecting the implementation to an evolving model.</li>
  672. <li><a href="">Quantified Self</a>&nbsp;- Self-tracking through technology.</li>
  673. <li><a href="">SaltStack</a>&nbsp;- Python-based config management system.</li>
  674. <li><a href="">Web Design</a>&nbsp;- For digital designers.</li>
  675. <li><a href="">Creative Coding</a>&nbsp;- Programming something expressive instead of something functional.</li>
  676. <li><a href="">No-Login Web Apps</a>&nbsp;- Web apps that work without login.</li>
  677. <li><a href="">Free Software</a>&nbsp;- Free as in freedom.</li>
  678. <li><a href="">Framer</a>&nbsp;- Prototyping interactive UI designs.</li>
  679. <li><a href="">Markdown</a>&nbsp;- Markup language.</li>
  680. <li><a href="">Dev Fun</a>&nbsp;- Funny developer projects.</li>
  681. <li><a href="">Healthcare</a>&nbsp;- Open source healthcare software for facilities, providers, developers, policy experts, and researchers.</li>
  682. <li><a href="">Magento 2</a>&nbsp;- Open Source eCommerce built with PHP.</li>
  683. <li><a href="">TikZ</a>&nbsp;- Graph drawing packages for TeX/LaTeX/ConTeXt.</li>
  684. <li><a href="">Neuroscience</a>&nbsp;- Study of the nervous system and brain.</li>
  685. <li><a href="">Ad-Free</a>&nbsp;- Ad-free alternatives.</li>
  686. <li><a href="">Esolangs</a>&nbsp;- Programming languages designed for experimentation or as jokes rather than actual use.</li>
  687. <li><a href="">Prometheus</a>&nbsp;- Open-source monitoring system.</li>
  688. <li><a href="">Homematic</a>&nbsp;- Smart home devices.</li>
  689. <li><a href="">Ledger</a>&nbsp;- Double-entry accounting on the command-line.</li>
  690. <li><a href="">Uncopyright</a>&nbsp;- Public domain works.</li>
  691. <li><a href="">Crypto Currency Tools &amp; Algorithms</a>&nbsp;- Digital currency where encryption is used to regulate the generation of units and verify transfers.</li>
  692. <li><a href="">Diversity</a>&nbsp;- Creating a more inclusive and diverse tech community.</li>
  693. <li><a href="">Open Source Supporters</a>&nbsp;- Companies that offer their tools and services for free to open source projects.</li>
  694. <li><a href="">Design Principles</a>&nbsp;- Create better and more consistent designs and experiences.</li>
  695. <li><a href="">Theravada</a>&nbsp;- Teachings from the Theravada Buddhist tradition.</li>
  696. <li><a href="">inspectIT</a>&nbsp;- Open source Java app performance management tool.</li>
  697. <li><a href="">Open Source Maintainers</a>&nbsp;- The experience of being an open source maintainer.</li>
  698. <li><a href="">Calculators</a>&nbsp;- Calculators for every platform.</li>
  699. <li><a href="">Captcha</a>&nbsp;- A type of challenge&ndash;response test used in computing to determine whether or not the user is human.</li>
  700. <li><a href="">Jupyter</a>&nbsp;- Create and share documents that contain code, equations, visualizations and narrative text.</li>
  701. <li><a href="">FIRST Robotics Competition</a>&nbsp;- International high school robotics championship.</li>
  702. <li><a href="">Humane Technology</a>&nbsp;- Open source projects that help improve society.</li>
  703. <li><a href="">Speakers</a>&nbsp;- Conference and meetup speakers in the programming and design community.</li>
  704. <li><a href="">Board Games</a>&nbsp;- Table-top gaming fun for all.</li>
  705. <li><a href="">Software Patreons</a>&nbsp;- Fund individual programmers or the development of open source projects.</li>
  706. <li><a href="">Parasite</a>&nbsp;- Parasites and host-pathogen interactions.</li>
  707. <li><a href="">Food</a>&nbsp;- Food-related projects on GitHub.</li>
  708. <li><a href="">Mental Health</a>&nbsp;- Mental health awareness and self-care in the software industry.</li>
  709. <li><a href="">Bitcoin Payment Processors</a>&nbsp;- Start accepting Bitcoin.</li>
  710. <li><a href="">Scientific Computing</a>&nbsp;- Solving complex scientific problems using computers.</li>
  711. <li><a href="">Amazon Sellers</a></li>
  712. <li><a href="">Agriculture</a>&nbsp;- Open source technology for farming and gardening.</li>
  713. <li><a href="">Product Design</a>&nbsp;- Design a product from the initial concept to production.</li>
  714. <li><a href="">Prisma</a>&nbsp;- Turn your database into a GraphQL API.</li>
  715. <li><a href="">Software Architecture</a>&nbsp;- The discipline of designing and building software.</li>
  716. <li><a href="">Connectivity Data and Reports</a>&nbsp;- Better understand who has access to telecommunication and internet infrastructure and on what terms.</li>
  717. <li><a href="">Stacks</a>&nbsp;- Tech stacks for building different apps and features.</li>
  718. <li><a href="">Cytodata</a>&nbsp;- Image-based profiling of biological phenotypes for computational biologists.</li>
  719. <li><a href="">IRC</a>&nbsp;- Open source essaging protocol.</li>
  720. <li><a href="">Advertising</a>&nbsp;- Advertising and programmatic media for websites.</li>
  721. <li><a href="">Earth</a>&nbsp;- Find ways to resolve the climate crisis.</li>
  722. <li><a href="">Naming</a>&nbsp;- Naming things in computer science done right.</li>
  723. <li><a href="">Biomedical Information Extraction</a>&nbsp;- How to extract information from unstructured biomedical data and text.</li>
  724. <li><a href="">Web Archiving</a>&nbsp;- An effort to preserve the Web for future generations.</li>
  725. <li><a href="">WP-CLI</a>&nbsp;- Command-line interface for WordPress.</li>
  726. <li><a href="">Credit Modeling</a>&nbsp;- Methods for classifying credit applicants into risk classes.</li>
  727. <li><a href="">Ansible</a>&nbsp;- A Python-based, open source IT configuration management and automation platform.</li>
  728. </ul>
  729. <h2><a id="user-content-related" class="anchor" href="" aria-hidden="true"></a>Related</h2>
  730. <ul>
  731. <li><a href="">All Awesome Lists</a>&nbsp;- All the Awesome lists on GitHub.</li>
  732. <li><a href="" rel="nofollow">Awesome Indexed</a>&nbsp;- Search the Awesome dataset.</li>
  733. <li><a href="" rel="nofollow">Awesome Search</a>&nbsp;- Quick search for Awesome lists.</li>
  734. <li><a href="">StumbleUponAwesome</a>&nbsp;- Discover random pages from the Awesome dataset using a browser extension.</li>
  735. <li><a href="">Awesome CLI</a>&nbsp;- A simple command-line tool to dive into Awesome lists.</li>
  736. </ul>

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